Jez Green's guide to training like a pro

Jez Green's guide to training like a pro

Ever wondered what the pros get up to during the off season? Tennishead Fitness Editor Jez Green reveals all

So what exactly do those superstars get up to during the end of each season and the start of a new tennis calendar? Tennishead fitness editor Jez Green gave us the inside track on some of their habits…

WHO? Tim Henman, Murray boys, Nadia Petrova, Marion Bartoli
WHY? Its the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrates and its low fat too. A hit of sushi means youve had a meal that incorporates those three things perfect to help your bodys recovery process after a hard session.

WHO? Rugby players, Paula Radcliffe, Anne Keothavong, Andy Murray
WHY? After a hard session on or off court an ice bath will help to regenerate the body and take any stiffness out of joints and muscles. Around 10 minutes in freezing cold water helps to flush lactic acid out of the muscles. To find out more about ice baths click here!

WHO? Andy Murray
WHY? Helps players develop generation of power from the floor up. Olympic lifting techniques are the most functional way of developing this sort of power. It helps with pretty much every shot in the book but is especially relevant for developing a bigger serve and smash.

WHO? Maria Sharapova, Ana Ivanovic, Anne Keothavong, Andy Murray
WHY? Yoga counteracts all the hard training a pro will do and helps re-lengthen their muscles. All the hard training stiffens the muscles and yoga helps to balance the body out and gets muscles back to their

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