Tennis Gym: First step and wide ball speed drills

Tennis Gym: First step and wide ball speed drills

Fitness coach Roxanne Sammel talks us through a tennis-specific routine guaranteed to help whip your body into shape - this routine gives you explosive first step speed

This drill trains the explosive first step, speed and the coordination required when moving to wide balls. It also emphasises the use of adjustment steps around the ball.

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Two cones need to be placed five feet either side of the centre mark on the baseline. From a split step position in between the cones, make your first step an explosive movement towards the cone.

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To simulate a match situation, move in a figure of eight around the cones, staying as close to them as possible without hitting them. Make small adjustment steps around the cones making sure you face the court at all times.

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Return to the middle and do the same around the other cone so you practise both sides equally. Drive off with a big first step whenever you change direction during the drill. Try to keep your head up as much as possible as you would when moving on court.

About your coach: Roxanne Sammel
Roxanne is a physical conditioner at the MCTA Group, an international touring academy of young tennis pros. She recently qualified as a personal trainer, sports masseur and nutritional adviser and works under the guidance of Jez Green, the MCTA Groups Director of Physical Conditioning and physical trainer to Andy Murray.

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