Rackets: Dunlop Aerogel 7HUNDRED

Rackets: Dunlop Aerogel 7HUNDRED

A super-light hotmelt graphite racket for the beginners' market that is built to minimise vibrations.

Hard sell: Need some heat in your game? Then this hotmelt graphite racket could be the bat for you! Dunlop says this is perfect for a beginner looking for a light racket that offers power and great feel. The Vibracore technology means annoying and damaging vibrations will be kept to a minimum as well.

Tennishead says: This is a super light tennis racket that felt very solid and stable on contact – It’s not too springy, said one tester. Its weight means it would suit physically weaker players, or those who like a racket that is really manoeuvrable. At 108 square inches, its racket head shouldn’t be too much for players to control just enough to provide a decent-sized sweetspot with ample power generation.

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