Rackets: HEAD Metallix 6

Rackets: HEAD Metallix 6

Another beginners' racket that comes with a huge racket face and a massive sweetspot. Shame about the massive price tag too.

Hard sell: Head says the main feature of this racket is the Metallix, a specially designed matrix of carbon fibres and a new crystalline metal alloy. And, wait for it, this alloys grain-size is 1,000 times smaller than that of a typical metal. So how will that help you, we hear you ask? Well, the manufacture promises that the decreased grain size means increased performance because smaller grains equal stronger material and so what you get is a lighter, stronger and more powerful racket than ever before. Got it? Good.

Tennishead says: A whopper of a tennis racket and at a penny under 160 quid, a racket with a fairly whopping price tag too. Having said that, for your 160 notes you get a product from a very respected tennis manufacturer that’s packed with the latest technology, all designed to help a beginner get the most from their game. In short, that means it’s light, powerful and, with a racket face of over 114 square inches, it has a whopping sweetspot too.

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