Rackets: HEAD MicroGel Extreme Team

Rackets: HEAD MicroGel Extreme Team

We discover a racket with great playability aimed at intermediate players - and with a great price tag too.

Hard sell: Head says this model is all about the responsive qualities of its frame. HEAD MicroGel is a revolutionary new silicone-based material, which when combined with stiff and strong carbon-composite fibres results in a frame with great feel. It says the MicroGel uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame to give feel and touch.

Tennishead says: We think this would suit all kinds of club player and all varieties of playing style. It features a nice big head which means a big sweetspot too. A bigger sweetspot makes it easier to get results even from shots that are off-centre which in turn will give a player more confidence. The big headsize will help serving, volleying and smashing and at 58DA its very flexible too and had nice feel.

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