Rackets: Prince 03 Speedport Black

Rackets: Prince 03 Speedport Black

A tournament racket that can be customised on the spot.

Hard sell: The unique selling point of the 03 SPEEDPORT, says Prince, is that it comes with a player customisation system what it has called the Speedport tuning system. What that means for the player is that they can fiddle about with the String Port or String Hole inserts to increase or reduce the size of the sweetspot and affect the feel of the racket on impact. Nifty.

Tennishead says: We tested this with a large sweetspot, and that’s exactly what it gave us. The extra large holes where the strings go through the frame result in a bizarre ‘whoosh’ sound just before impact that may take a little getting used to for some. It’s a very stiff frame and it gave great power, especially on serve and overheads. The large sweetspot means that if you’re hitting off-centre, the racket helps you out and you still get a decent result. Another point worth mentioning (it matters to some tennis players) it really looks the business.

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