Rackets: Prince O3 Ozone ONE

Rackets: Prince O3 Ozone ONE

Another good-looking Prince racket that boasts O-port technology and an enormous 118-square-inch face.

Hard sell: This oversize-plus frame will suit players with short contact swing styles who are looking for more power and a solid feel, says Prince. The racket provides a re-engineered hitting zone adding extra strength and stability for a larger, more consistent sweet spot and maximum control. The O-ports in the Prince Ozone series of rackets make the conventional sweet spot up to 54% larger. And that should mean better shots, more often.

Tennishead says: Prince says this will give you more power, and we agree. It has a huge sweetspot thanks to its 118-inch racket face, but it feels really, well, safe, and solid on contact. What we mean is that some rackets with such big racket faces can be too much for a player this isn’t one of those. It’s also another Prince racket that looks great, although some would say it should do at

Posted by: tennishead magazine

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