Rackets: Tecnifibre T-Feel 300

Rackets: Tecnifibre T-Feel 300

A good option for juniors - light and with a big sweetspot.

Hard sell: Tecnifibre says this is designed with a high level, all-round aggressive player in mind someone who’s looking for a more forgiving racket. The graphite frame is reinforced with a material called Texalium, which has great power to
weight ratio. Each racket is sold as a frame. The customer chooses their preferred string and the racket is strung to their desired tension, a service which is included in the price.

Tennishead says: It’s a light racket, so we say this would be good for players that struggle with heavy rackets perhaps some female players and juniors. The 102-square-inch head is one of the larger we tested and the generous sweetspot is a God-send when you don’t find the middle. The bigger racket face is also a bonus when you’re at the net desperate to finish off points with any kind of volley!

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