Rackets: Vantage VT112

Rackets: Vantage VT112

Travel back in time for an old skool racket for old skool players.

Hard sell: Not everyone will have heard of Vantage, so it’s probably wise to fill you in. The Cambridge-based company specialises in custom-made rackets to meet players’ individual specifications but it also provides a range of pre-built models including the VT112. Vantage is quick to point out that with a racket-head of 90 inches this is targeted at advanced players who don’t struggle with generating their own power.

Tennishead says: This racket is pretty unique in every sense compared to the rest of the market. It looks completely different to its competitors, a lot like the old Wilson Pro Staff that Sampras and Edberg used to play with an old skool racket for old skool sharp-shooters. When you first pick it up you wonder how on earth you’ll find the sweetspot, but as you get used to its smaller dimensions you adapt and begin to enjoy it’s feel when you get the ball out of the middle. The smaller head size means it tougher to generate a lot of spin, too, so players that hit quite flat will enjoy using this. Also comes with a leather grip for an authentic days-gone-by feel. To summarise, this is a quality racket for quality players.

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