Rackets: Vantage VT321

Rackets: Vantage VT321

The Cambridge-based manufacturer reveals its racket aimed at the improver and intermediate market.

Hard sell: Vantage says its racket will provide power and control and that the slim beam width improves manoeuvrability. A relatively large racket head (100 square inches) will generate decent power and an open string pattern increases the generation of spin.

Tennishead says: Like its Aston Martin namesake, this has an understated, classy look. So much so, said our testers, that it would guarantee positive comment from your fellow players. Looks aren’t everything, however, so did it deliver on court too? In the power department it’s a resounding ‘yes’, but we did feel it was a little tough to control at times. As the manufacturer recommends, you’d be encouraged to use the benefits of the open stringbed to generate plenty of spin to make sure you get the right mix of power AND control.

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