Rackets: Vantage VT422 review

Rackets: Vantage VT422 review

The Vantage VT422is an attractive beginners' racket that plays well, is easy on the eye - and is easy on the pocket too.

Hard sell: Not everyone will have heard of Vantage, so its probably wise to fill you in. The Cambridge-based company specialises in custom-made rackets to meet players individual specifications but it also provides a range of pre-built models including the VT422. This is made from 100% high modulus carbon fibre and, says Vantage, is great for swingers after a powerful and stable racket.

Tennishead says: This has instant appeal to the eye. Ooh, I like him, said one tester as the red and white racket emerged from its sunglasses case-like cloth bag (which, incidentally, looks good, but doesn’t do much to protect the product). It would probably appeal more to a female than a fella, what with the red/white colour scheme and in terms of playability would suit someone who has enough power, but who’s looking for a bit more control largely due to the fact that, with a digital analysis reading of of 61, it’s very flexible.

Posted by: tennishead magazine

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