Racket review: Pacific BX2 Speed


Stable, easy and fun to hit with from the back of the court

Check out the Pacific BX2 Speed, voted "best for forgiveness" by our testers in the 2015 improver racket reviews

Pacific prides itself on delivering comfort and control from its hyper-engineered frames. One of the heavier rackets in our test – among some slimline opposition, it must be said – the speed packs a punch with a little more feel than the rest, thanks to the basalt-infused materials in the racket head which provide greater feedback than you would normally expect from an oversize frame.

Stable, easy and fun to hit with from the back of the court, this is a surefire winner for those who take a gentle mid-length swing at the ball.


Pacific BX2 Speed

That little extra weight makes all the difference when it comes to stability in a tennis racket, and the resident cruiserweight in our improver category underlines the point. While many of our rackets were forgiving of off-centre strikes, the BX2 Speed stuck out for ability to not only save a stinger from shooting into our hand but also retain some power in the stroke. 

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Posted by: tennishead

RRP: £139.90
Head size: 107 sq.in

Unstrung weight: 275g
String pattern: 16x20
Balance: 34.0cm
Beam: 25mm 

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