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Babolat POP

Instant feedback from your training session

Wearable technology is the must-have addition to your kit for 2017

This year more players have enjoyed using technology to learn more about their game and the Babolat POP - a wristband containing a smart sensor - is one of the best ways to access your performance data.

Weighing just 10 grams, the POP pairs with your Android or Apple device and can be used with any tennis racket, giving you instant feedback from your training session.

Defining backhands, forehands and serves as well as measuring spin, power, rally lengths and number of shots per minute, the information can be compared with friends' data as well as being shared with the Babolat connected community - making the learning process both competitive and fun.

A welcome find in any Christmas stocking.

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Posted by: tennishead

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