Racket Review: Prince TeXtreme Tour 95

PRINCE Textreme Tour 95

The PRINCE TeXtreme Tour 95 may appear heavy, but it's light to grip

The Prince TeXtreme Tour 95 was included in tennishead's 2017 racket reviews for advanced players, and it will help those craving for more firepower.

Prince has fluctuated in terms of popularity over the years but it certainly produces solid rackets. This certainly applies to the Prince Textreme Tour 95 according to the testers as this racket got a rather positive crit.

At 320g it is towards the heavy end of the spectrum of the advanced rackets but Elliot thought it didn’t feel that weight and instead had a very solid feel. He said, “Despite a thin frame, it actually felt quite chunky and the 320g weight offered lots of power to my game.”

The green and black appearance went down well too.

For those looking for a little more power in their game this racket is certainly worth a go. Elliot added: “Having always liked Prince, there was nothing particularly surprising or peculiar about the racket – it plays like my old Prince Hornet!”

Tennishead's 2017 advanced racket reviews were published in the April edition of the tennishead digital magazine.  Download the tennishead magazine app for free to read the reviews in full.



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PRINCE Textreme Tour 95

RRP: £169.99
Head size: 95 sq in
Unstrung weight: 320g
String pattern: 16 x 19
Balance: 305mm
Beam: 22-22-19 mm
Length: 27 in

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