Racket Review: Pro Kennex KiQ+Tour

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Pro Kennex KiQ+Tour helps add additional spin on second serves

The Pro Kennex KiQ+Tour was part of tennishead's 2017 racket reviews for advanced players and it can help those who suffer from tennis elbow.

The super skinny 19mm beam certainly is a notable feature of the Pro Kennex Ki Q+ Tour as this lighter version weighing 300g offers all the benefits of the midplus. Its concept is to provide easier playability and greater manoeuvrability for the advanced player and improving junior player.

The test results brought back some interesting reading as the thin beam and long frame didn’t appear to please the testers. “The thin beam made the racket feel slightly flimsy and I found it difficult to control the ball, therefore the length of my shots were impacted,” said Jem. He did however note increased spin particularly on his second serves thanks to the 16 x 19 string pattern.

A final interesting characteristic to this racket was the Kinetic technology that rattles inside the frame which has been designed specifically to help those who suffer with tennis elbow.

Tennishead's 2017 advanced racket reviews were published in the April edition of the tennishead digital magazine.  Download the tennishead magazine app for free to read the reviews in full.



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Pro Kennex KiQ+Tour

RRP: £169.95
Head size: 98 sq in
Unstrung weight: 300g
String pattern: 16 x 19
Balance: 315mm
Beam: 19mm

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