Racket Review: Tecnifibre T-Fight 280

Tecnifibre T-Fight 280

Balls flew off the strings which meant it didn’t feel as solid

The lightest racket tested in the intermediate category

In the second part of our 2017 racket reviews our testers put rackets aimed at club players through their paces The T-Fight 280 model falls into the Series 2 category within the Tecnifibre Fight range.

The French manufacturers who are promoting the #fightsmart have made this series comprising three rackets all under 300g. The weight is in the name as at 280g the T-Fight 280 is the lightest racket tested in the intermediate category. Howard felt it benefited him on the serve in terms of his accuracy and spin he could generate.

He could generate power but he felt it lacked in the control department. “I felt there was an element of control but that racket felt a little flimsy so balls flew off the strings which meant it didn’t feel as solid,” he said.

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Tecnifibre T-Fight 280

RRP: £145
Head size: 100 sq in
Unstrung weight: 280g
String pattern: 16 x 20
Balance: 325mm
Beam: 23mm
Length: 27 in

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