Racket Review: Volkl VSense4


Our testers believe the Volkl VSense4 is worth a go

The VOLKL VSense4 was included in tennishead's 2017 racket reviews for players in the improver category and it's ideal for those who like to advance to the net.

Both Katharine and Jackie were new to the brand so it was very interesting to hear their findings. The matte look of the VSense4 was popular and the aim of this oversized racket at 27.6 inches was to provide additional power, albeit controllable power, and offer the option to generate spin.

Both ladies agreed it offered good power levels and worked well at the net as well as the at the back of the court. Katherine said, “It was easy to control and I felt I played well with this one.”

The generous head size makes it easy to strike the ball well, even when you are under pressure and Volkl rackets, although not particularly high profile in the UK, have a loyal following, a case of those that play with them love them. It could just be the racket for you.

Tennishead's 2017 improver racket reviews appear in the June edition of the tennishead digital magazine.  Download the tennishead magazine app for free to read the reviews in full.



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RRP: £199.99
Head size: 105 sq in
Unstrung weight: 275g
String pattern: 16 x 19
Balance: 325mm
Beam: 25mm
Length: 27.6 in

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