Racket Review: Yonex VCore SV 105


Racket Review: Yonex VCore SV 105

The Yonex VCore SV 105 was included in tennishead's 2017 racket reviews for players in the improver category and it will help those looking for greater power.

Known for their compact rackets with small frames, the Yonex VCore SV 105 is the lightest and one of the most powerful of the VCore SV series. This solid and comfortable racket was one that stood out for Ali, albeit to her surprise. Other than the red and black appearance which let it down for her at first glance, she was happy with the power, control and spin combination she got in all areas of her game.

“The look of the Yonex was the thing that let it down for me but I did play my best tennis with it," she said. "I think I would buy it to be honest so I think I could overcome the look of the Yonex because I liked it. I play with an old Wilson and I do need to buy a new racket.”

This racket is perfect for an improver player who is looking for controllable power combined with spin without it being an oversized head racket.

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Yonex VCore SV 105

RRP: £135
Head size: 105 sq in 
Unstrung weight: 265g 
String pattern: 16 x 18
Balance: 340mm 
Beam: 26-26-23mm 
Length: 27 in

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