Dunlop Revo CV 3.0

Dunlop Dt18 Cv 3.0 780x465

The tennishead testers have been trying out ten of the best 2018 rackets for club players.

The new Dunlop Srixon rackets caused quite a stir with our testers at Bromley Tennis Centre and here we take a look at the Revo CV 3.0

The brand had currency with those testers who remembered Dunlop in its heyday and were keen to test the new rackets in the Srixon range.

Of our testers, both Elliot and Tim were impressed with the racket’s stability, even if they hit the ball off centre. Tim particularly liked the racket head weight.

The Sonic Core VG material injected into specific areas of the frame increases power and reduces vibration while the Synchro Charge System helps to improve stability.

Our testers rated the racket as a good all-rounder for club players.


DUNLOP Revo CV 3.0

The facts:

RRP: £209.95

Head size: 100

Weight: 300g

Balance: 320mm

String pattern: 16 x 19

Length: 27in

Beam: 23mm/26mm/23mm

String tension: 45–60lb/20–27 kg


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