Mantis 295 iii

Mantis Pro295iii Tennis 780x465

The tennishead testers have been looking at ten of the best 2018 rackets for club players

MANTIS 295 iii

The third generation of Mantis rackets is new for 2018.

The 295 iii continues to offer club players a solid racket with a simple and elegant look.

Elliot, one of our testers found it difficult to generate power from the baseline but said the lightness of the racket made for crisp volleys.

Tester Tim found the racket too head-light to achieve real power, but he liked other models in the Mantis range.

If you are prepared to try a Mantis check out the entire range and see if this British engineered brand surprises you.


MANTIS 295 iii

The facts

RRP: £149.99

Head size: 98

Weight: 285g

Balance: 325mm

String pattern: 16 x 19

Length: 27in

Beam: 21mm

String tension: 44-60lb/20–27kg

Posted by: tennishead magazine

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