Prince 03 Beast 100

Prince Beast 100 780x465

The tennishead testers have been looking at ten of the best 2018 rackets for club players

PRINCE 03 Beast 100


Prince have reorganised their range of rackets and updated their two best technologies, 03 and Textreme (now with Twaron).

The “Beast” collection was previously known as the Warrior. While our tester Elliot was not too keen on the bulky frame, Howard felt his volleys were crisp and he noticed a good mix of power and control.

David was surprised to find that the racket felt heavy.

The Beast is a solid racket and comes smart tennis-sensor ready.

Definitely worth putting on your shortlist for a play-test.


PRINCE 03 Beast 100


The facts

RRP: £190

Head size: 100

Weight: 280g

Balance: 330mm

String pattern: 16 x 19

Length: 27in

Beam: 24mm/25.5mm/22mm

String tension: 50-60lb/23-27kg

Posted by: tennishead magazine

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