Nadal calls for fewer hard-court tournaments

Rafael Nadal 18012012 009

Can you imagine football players playing on cement?

Rafael Nadal says the ATP is not doing enough to protect its players, claiming the number of hard-court tournaments is threatening to cut careers short

Nadal, returning to action after seven months on the sidelines with a knee injury, made his comeback on the clay at the VTR Open in Chile last week.

Speaking in Sao Paolo, where he is playing at the Brasil Open, the second of three clay-court events he will play in South America, Nadal claimed the ATP has a responsibility to reduce the amount of tournaments played on hard courts.

"Hard courts are aggressive on the knees, back and ankles," Nadal said. "That is a theme among the players and doctors.

“To make a change like that it won't be possible in this generation but I think that the ATP has to work to think of how to lengthen tennis players' careers.

"Can you imagine football players playing on cement?"

Posted by: tennishead magazine

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